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Brothers HD Movie download

Brothers-Movie-2015-download or watch online

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Bajrangi Bhaijan Box office collection, Salman Khan movie after successful run on 5 weeks reached total 318 crore, and the film had a successful five-week run and it continues to entertain movie buffs in its sixth week. As you all know that a movie generally stays in the theaters for four weeks, but when a popular movie comes, then movie will run for a longer period of time. Now you all guys can download Bajrangi Bhaijan Movie by using the below mentioned link.

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Brothers HD Movie download

Brothers Movie Box Office Collection was just crossed 72.6 Crore in the week an Akshay, Sidharth’s film. As per the recent news Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra’s Brothers has made a good amount of money at the Indian Box office in the first weekend and also gaining positive review from users and it is expected that at the end of the second week Brothers movie reached to the 150Crore.

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Download All is Well Movie 2015| Watch Online All is Well Movie|First Week Box Office Collection

Watch All is Well movie online, All is well movie download, ALL is well hd movie download, Download All is Well movie.

All-is-well-2015-download-or watch online

All is well movie review update:-  The movie All is well is Bollywood family drama film which was directed by the Umesh Shukla. All is Well movie is released today, the booking was done previously in last couple of days, and seats was full. The All is well movie was awesome and currently All is well gaining huge applause and positive review from lakhs of people.

All is Well Movie Download

Apart from this, All is Well movie goes consistently downhill from the first beginning of scene itself. Abhishek Bachchan Plays an guitar wielding a cool dude musician Inder Bhalla, who had a romantic love with his parents. Now lets talk about All is well movie, this film aims to be emotional, funny, and touching and talking about how students misunderstand the issue that their parents face, and harbor resentment.

Interesting Part of All is Well movie

All is well movie is not much as we seen on trailer but when you watching movie, you will easily understand that, from the starting movie was going to down. But interesting part of movie starts when the chemistry between Abhishek and Asim threatens to freeze to death at sub-zero level and by the end of the time movie reach the climax. At the end All is well movie grew up and get a positive review.

There is no update revealing yet right now about All is well Movie First day Box office collection, and it is expected that All is well movie has grossed up to 20 Crore.

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Brothers-Movie-2015-download or watch online

Brother First Week Collection 2015 update

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Brothers-Movie-2015-download or watch online

After reviewing a huge rumor and a positive feedback from users, we go theater to watch Brothers Movie 2015, and after watching the movie, now its final and confirm that Brothers movie was stunning and story defines well by all stars. Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra’s “Brothers” got a good opening weekend at the box office on the first day and on the second day. The Bollywood film made Rs 15.20 crore on the release date, if we compare the last movies of Akshay Kumar, domestic box office and this is a biggest ever opening for an Akshay Kumar.

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When it comes Brothers VS Bajrangi Bhaijan movie, Leading trade tracker taran Adarsh Confirmed the news on Friday that Brothers has made 15.20 Crore and Bajrangi Bhaijan movie has earned 27+ Crore on the first day. As per the official news and recent updates Akshay Kumar has now registered biggest opening in his career breaking the record of his previous release Rowdy Rathore Movie which had earned Rs 15 Crore on the first day.

Brothers Movie download

According to the Brothers Movie, after getting positive review from viewers it is expected that Brothers movie can get a good collection in the first weekend. Positive review from viewers is always a big aspect and a great factor to boost the collection at the box office day by day.

Click here to compare Brothers and Bajrangi Bhaijan first day box office Collection.

Watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan Movie online.

All-is-well-2015-download-or watch online

All Is Well Movie 2015 Download or Watch Online

All Is Well Movie 2015 Download or Watch Online

All-is-well-2015-download-or watch online

All is Well Movie 2015, All is Well Movie Trailer, All is Well Movie release date in India, All is Well Movie review, All is Well 2015 songs, Download all is well movie, watch all is well movie online.

Hi guys wats up, we are back with new All is well upcoming Bollywood family drama movie, which was directed by the Umesh Shukla and Produced by the Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Shyam Bajaj and Varun Bajaj and Co-produced by the Ajay Kapoor. The film All is Well is scheduled for release on 21 August 2015. The All is Well official Trailer was released recently on 1st July 2015, and All is Well movie is already getting huge applause and positive views from viewer on youtube.

Watch All is Well Movie 2015 Trailer

The All is Well movie 2015 was cast by Abhishek Bachchan as Inder Bhalla, Asin as Nimmi, Rishi Kapoor as Mr. Bhalla, Supriya Pathak as Mrs. Bhalla, Muhammad Zeeshan Ayyub, Sonakshi Sinha as Herself special appearance in song Nachan Farrate.

The promotions was going well for All is Well Movie 2015, and after watching All is Well Movie Trailer 2015 its seems like movie have a capabilities to earn 20 to 30 Crore in first day Box Office collection.

Watch All is Well Movie Online

Brothers Movie 2015 Download| Brothers 2015 Full Movie

Brothers Movie first week Box office Collection

Hey guys wats’s up, we are here again and bring another Indian action drama based movie called Brothers. Brothers Movie 2015 is an upcoming Indian action drama based movie, which is full on Mixed Martial Arts, and was directed by the Karan Malhotra and Produced by the Dharma Productions, Endemol India and Lionsgate films. In Brothers Movie stars Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez and Sidharth Malhotra in leading roles, Apart from this Jackie Shroff and Shefali Shah play an supporting roles.

Brothers Movie download

The Brothers Movie is an official remake of the Hollywood movie Warrier which was released on 2011. Now coming back to Brothers movie Story review, the story is all about two Brothers, David Fernandes ( Akshay Kumar) and Monty Fernandes (Sidharth Malhotra). The Gary Fernandes (Jackie Shroff) is their father who is recovering alcoholic. Both Brother hate each other and confront each other in a martial arts competition.

Brothers Movie watch online

The Brothers Movie has been released on world-wide today at various Cinemas. Now coming back to the main part of Brothers movie, according to the recent news and official resources the Brothers movie has opened to good responses in India and gained approximately 40 to 50% occupancy in India.

Apart from this, Brothers movie is likely to have the second highest opening day box office collection, and as per the recent update, Brothers Movie Box Office Collection has not yet beat the Bajrangi Bhaijan which earned Rs 27.25 Crore.

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Have you guys already watched Brothers movie, then write a comment how was it.

Fantastic 4 Box Office collection World Wide| Fantastic Four movie review

Fantastic 4 Box Office collection

Hey guys wat’s up this we are back with another Hollywood movie Fantastic 4 Box office collection, as we all know that we all like to talk about there are too many super-hero comic book. The fictional super hero team Fantastic 4 is a featured in Marvel Comics publication has appeared in four live-action films. On Friday the film Fantastic 4 has grossed a disappointing $11.3 million, according to the Box Office Mojo, in the update titled ” Fantastic Four Falls apart. ” That includes a pretty much low $2.7m worth of Thursday sneaks.

Fantastic 4 Movie download

Apart from Fantastic four Box Office Collection, the film making cost was $120m to produce and Fox 21st Century Fox/ NYSE: Fox), The above is a worldwide collection. But in India Fantastic 4 movie 2015 will going to be released on 21st August 2015 in various cinemas. Large number of seats has been booked by using various official websites like book my show and much more.

Now coming to the main view, Fantastic four movie, is another contemporary re-imagining movie of Marvel’s a longest running super hero team and a high graphical effects. The Fantastic 4 Movie is Directed by the Tim Story and Written by Don Payne and Mark Frost, Rise of the Silver surfer cobbled together and a 37 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Download Fantastic 4 Movie

You guys can easily download Fantastic 4 movie once we will receive the update link. Till than you all are advised to stay connected with us for receiving more updates on Fantastic 4 watch online, Download Fantastic 4 Movie.

Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation Watch Online or Download and first week collection

Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation Watch Online or Download and first week collection

Every week we put together an informal list of box office picks for the upcoming weekends, this time here we are hot news about Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation weekend collection. As you all know that Tom Cruise proves he’s still a box office draw as his latest movie, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation was tops the weekend with an estimated $56 million according to the various news resources.
Mission Impossible 5 Rouge Nation watch online
If you guys remember the last movies records, then you know that, this was the second-highest opening weekend for a film in the Mission Impossible franchise, just Behind Mission Impossible 2, Mission Impossible 2 has earned $57.8 million in his first weekend. Lest talk about Mission Impossible 5 movie, was an outstanding which gaining more and more positive review from users.
This was done only behalf of positive critical reactions for Rouge Nation with an above 90% rating. This is the rare sequel that leaves its franchise feeling not exhausted but surprisingly resurgent at 19 years and counting variety of reviews. The mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was earned a $209 million in the U.S and if we talk about whole gross rate, then Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol has earned $485 million internationally.
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Drishyam First week Box office collection 2015

As you guys all know that the Hindi version of Baahubali earned over RS 46.77 Crore in its first week and when we compare the movie Ajay Devgan ” Drishyam ” has also earned approximately Rs 46.28 Crore.

Drishyam First week Box office collection 2015

As per the recent news resources the movie ” Drishyam ” starring Ajay and Tabu, which was released in over 2,300 Screens in India. The film had an average opening, but when we compare later, the tickets sales increased at the box office due to good word of mouth. Here we are providing you an Opening day ” Drishyam ” has earned Rs 8.50 Crore on Saturday Rs 9.40 core, Sunday Rs 12.58 Crore, Monday Rs 4.05 Crore, Tuesday Rs 4.50 crore, on Wednesday Rs 4.10 crore and Thursday Rs 3.60 core.

If you guys had already watches last month movie then you already know that The highest first week box office collection of 2015 is being held by Salman Khan’s movie and that was ” Bajrangi Bhaijan ” and ABCD 2 (Any Boday Can Dance ) was the second highest and third was ” Tanu weds Manu Returns ” with third highest earnings.

Apart from this, come up on the story of Drishyam revolves around cable TV Operator Vijay Salgankar (Ajay), whose life revolves around cinema and his family, wife Nandini Shriya and daughter Anu and Anju. Tabu plays a vital role of Police IG Meera Deshmukh in the film.

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Hope you guys had enjoyed this movie recently.

BHAR DO JHOLI MERI Bajrangi Bhaijan song Download Movie and watch online

BHAR DO JHOLI MERI Bajrangi Bhaijan song Download Movie and watch online

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Friends we had bring the another lastest song of Bajrangi Bhaijan movie which is “Bhar do Jholi meri”. In first time listening to song it touches to your heart and soul because this is beautifully written by KausarMunir and sung by Adnan sami. This song will spellbound you. This is a Qawwali song as you seen in that Salman is carrying a girl on his back and comes to dargah with that little girl which is incidently come to India and wants to get back into his home Pakistan. In this song Salman tied a thread knot and worshiping a god for his wish.

This song is sang by one of the most talented singer which has sang the song in Garam masala movie “Kiss me baby”, “kabhi to nazar milao kabhi to kareeb aao” and many others he is none other than Adnan Sami who sang this Qawwali very beautifully. This song lyrics are written by KausarMunir and music given by famous music director Pritam. The combo of these three people Salman, Adnan and Pritam make this song more special when they three of them comes together for one song. Guys we hope that like us you would also like and love this qawwali song.


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Bahubali Vs Bajrangi Bhaijan Box office Collection

Bajrangi Bhaijan v/s Bahubali Box office Collection

As you all know that, Its been a record breaking couple of weeks for film business in India. Both Bajrangi Bhaijan and Baahubali movie are gaining extraordinary business in the Boxx office domestic markets and outside. But when we comparing both Movie Bajrangi Bhaijan and Baahubali with Hindi and Telugu films is not as simple and straightforward as comparing two Hindi films.

The month of July 2015, was the on of the most memory in the history of Indian cinemaw with two block busters hitting the theaters in the span of one week gap. The movie Baahubali which was directed by the S.S Rajamouli which was released on 10th July 2015, and the movie earned around 303 Crores till now at the box office weakend.

Here we have listed some of the most important factors below:-

Baahubali 12 Days Collection  Bajrangi Bhaijan
Worldwide Gross 363 Crore 274 Crore
India Gross 304 Crore 205 Crore
Overseas Gross 59 Crore 69 Crore
India Net (After Taxes) 254 Crore 151 Crore
India Distributor’s share 168 Crore 81 Crore

Baahubali vs Bajrangi Bhaijan Box office collection report

  • Worldwide Gross:- The total number of Collection from ticket sales all over the world. Including entertantment tax.
  • India Gross:-  Including entertaintment tax, The total Number of Collection from ticket sales in India.
  • India Net Collections:- Entertainment Tax is deducted from total gross collections.
  • India Distributor’s share:- Entertaintment tax and Exhibitor’s share (share or fee of theatres) is deducted from total gross collections.